Episode 140: Professional Pants and Mira’s Rant!!!

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Episode 140


Professional Pants!!!! The episode was oddly short because half the segment holders were not here. What does this mean? Well it means the normally half derailed show is fully derailed and there is no way to get back on them. We also have the creation of Lucyzila! We then have the licking dogs rant that becomes a way broader subject than it should have been. Wendy has a moment of insanity and takes something a little so funny.




Charles Muir

Not suitable for Word Ninjas Podcast

Word Ninja Podcast



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Fairy Tail on Toonami

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Anime Review Episode 187 (Episode 12)

Mira thought that Natsu was ridiculously funny at the start of the show. She also is excited about the Rogue and Gajeel fight that starts in this episode. She also thought that Frosch is really cute. She was also excited that we are now getting into the big battles, and she is looking forward to Iron Shadow Dragon from Gajeel. She felt that the anime is picking back up and actually going somewhere. She was also happy that the flashback from future Lucy was not sad, cause she would have been a little upset if it had.

You can watch this episode on either Crunchyroll’s Simulpub, FUNimations Website or Netflix. You can also go to Crunchyroll.com/ftpodcast to get a free 30 day trial as a premium user. Don’t forget you can watch Natsu’s reviews on youtube, and you can read Carla’s reviews on the Anime Reviews page.


Cooking With Elfman


Faygo Cupcakes



  • 1 1/2 c self rising flour
  • 1 1/4 c all-purpose flour
  • 2 sticks butter
  • 2 c sugar
  • 4 lg eggs room temp
  • 1/2 c milk whole (i used 2%)
  • 1/2 20 oz bottle of Faygo soda I used grape  says grape red or orange works best
  • 1 small pk of jello in the same flavor
  • 1 tsp vanilla


  1. Heat oven 350* line 24 cupcake with liners.
  2. In a small bowl combine flours and set aside. In a large bowl cream butter with an electric mixer until smooth. Add sugar and beat until fluffy. Add eggs on at a time, beating well. Add the dry ingredients in three parts alternating with the milk and vanilla and soda. With each addition beat until incorporated but do not overbeat. Using rubber spatula to scrape down sides of the bowel. Spoon into cupcake liners, filling about 3/4 full and bake for 20 mins or until done.
  3. Now I got 24 cupcake liners full and have some left over, so I got 36 out of mine.
  4. Total bake time in my oven was 20 mins.

Rainbow Drinker


  • 1 oz Strawberry schnapps (Clear)
  • 3/4 oz Midori melon liqueur
  • 3/4 oz Banana liqueur
  • 1 part Pineapple juice
  • 1 part Orange juice
  • 1 part Cranberry juice


Fill a tall hurricane glass with ice. Layer ingredients by carefully and slowly adding each in order. Try floating each ingredient with a spoon. If added right, you’ll create a rainbow effect.


If you want to see more of these recipes, click on either the image or the link. While you’re there don’t forget to leave a like, comment, share, or subscribe to let these chiefs know what you think about their image.


Reedus’ Gallery



The fanart for this week is titled Fairy Tail – Hyacinth (Jellal X Erza) by achibahk. This fanart got a rating ( in bra sizes ) 1 = D, 5 = DD. Elfman liked the background and thought that it looked realistic, Makarov liked the crystal like background around Jellal and how it made him look like he was there but not there. Mira agreed with Makarov because of the outfit that she is wearing. Lucy just liked all the colors, while Jellal liked, well everything. Wendy liked the details and how it makes the picture really pretty.

If you want to see this image on DeviantArt, click on either the image or the image title. To see more from this artist you can click on their name. While you’re there don’t forget to leave a like, comment, share, or subscribe to let this artist know what you think about their image.


Fanfishin’ With Happy


We continue reading the awesome fanfiction that we have all fallen in love with. We started on Wendy’s story this week. Fairy Tail Reads Fanfiction by Eli77.


Manga Chapter Review 388: Erza vs. Minerva



The fanart for this chapter is titled Fairy Tail 388 – Sabertooth Arrives! by StingCunha. To read this chapter on Crunchyroll’s Simulpub click on the image. If you want to see this image on DeviantArt you can click on the title of the image, or you can click on the artist name to be taken to their profile. Don’t forget while you’re there to leave a like, comment, share, or subscribe to let this artist know what you think of their fanart for this chapter.

Don’t forget to check out the Manga Reviews page to see what Carla thought while reading this chapter as well as Natsu’s Manga Review on YouTube. If you don’t already have a premium Crunchyroll account, click on the image below to get a 30 day free trial of the service offered to a premium account holder.

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