MomoCon 2014 Review

MomoCon 2014 Review


Hey guys it’s Carla telling you a little more of what I thought about MomoCon 2014. First of all if you don’t know what MomoCon is, well then you need to read this review and buy your tickets for next year now. Second, MomoCon was held in downtown Atlanta, Ga in the Hilton and the Marriott. Which was somewhat awesome cause I always wondered what it was like to have the run of those two hotels.

First I would like to talk about the staff. Or I would like to see more of them I would say. I think the only time I really encountered any staff was at the Dealers Room and Artist Alley. The ones at the Dealers Room were shouting at you where are your badges, which was necessary because the volume level inside the the room was loud. So I do feel sorry for their poor vocal cords. The ones at the Artist Alley had it a little easier, they were mainly just pointing to the left to let everyone know that the entrance was that way. I think I also might have seen a tech staff member leaving the room when I walked in to do the panel I was a part of, but then again the people I was on the panel with knew basically what needed to be done to get the sound on so, he was just really checking in. So the little encounter I had with the staff was nice so thumbs up for that.

Now onto the Dealers Room. Umm it was HUGE! The one problem I had with it was that it seemed like all the big hitters were in the middle, which was right where the door was so it was always really crowded when you wanted to enter the room. Then there was the lack of figure art, and costume accessories like wigs or even the costumes themselves. I was sad to see that there were not that many vendors with that type of product there. I was really excited about the one booth that had a wall of posters as their backdrop so that when you walked by you could see almost every single one they had to offer. Besides this I was kinda meh about the Dealers Room. But that happens to everyone when they attend cons, your favorites sometimes let you down.

Artist Alley was a different story. It was small and tidy, with quiet atmosphere. No one was playing loud music to be heard over their booth partners. The selection of art that was there was just amazing. I mean these people had me wanting to sit down and try to draw, and well that just does not happen, because…well I can’t draw. But the people that MomoCon selected for their Artist Alley was amazing. So props here to Momo, you did an awesome job here. There is one guy that I want to mention, his name is Nate Nesler. He was designing a video game, and had pieces of it on demo and he was mind blowing. I wish he had had a panel. I know I would have been front row with a notepad, cause he is amazingly talented. You can check him out right here, he has his own website.

As for the panel selection, I was really not impressed. It seemed really scattered and no rhyme or reason here. I did not find myself wanting to attend any panels really. I went to a few in the hopes that they would stir my interest, but sadly most of them just had be wanting to go to sleep. I attended one panel that was about Type Moon and the world that it has more or less become. I am trying to get into a lot of Type Moon anime, so I figured this would be a good place to start. Well I was wrong, this panel was a group of Fanboys who pulled a bunch of things off the internet and thought they would talk about it. I felt like there was very little that was actually their own opinions, and most of it was something they read. Now most of the time when I am attending a con, I put up with the discomfort the the wig cap inflicts on my head, especially when I am wearing a ponytail. But I could not justify the headache that was oncoming with this panel. So I did have to leave, my brain thanked me for it later, because it had blood flow again.

There was one panel that stood out to me as “Why is this a panel?” It was a panel on hoop dancing. Yes this is exactly what you think it was, a panel on how to teach people to dance with a hula hoop. I did not know this was a thing, and started wondering why this was a panel. In the long run, thinking about this years theme being a circus theme, I began to understand the panel. But other then that, I still could not understand most of the panel, mental road block I guess.

Now for the panels that had me excited. The Kickstarter panel and the Voice Acting Panel. My attending the Kickstarter panel had two goals behind it. The first one is we use a lot of kickstarter on this show. So I wanted to know more about it, to see what we could do and what could not do. The second is, I am on a video game development team at the moment and we are thinking at later stages in the game, we would like to use Kickstarter. I got a lot of information from this panel and was very excited that I had attended it. The people knew what they were talking about because they were game developers, or had their hand in the game world cookie jar, so to speak, and everything they were saying was from experience of being in this field. So another thumbs up goes to MomoCon for selecting this panel.

Moving onto one of the best panel that I have attended at a convention, The Voice Acting Panel. On this panel we had Cherami Leigh who of course you know as Lucy, we also had Tress MacNeille who was the voice of Dot and Babs Bunny, then there Jess Harnell who is Wakko, and then we had Courtnee Draper who is the voice of Elizabeth from Bioshock. They were all so awesome that I laughed the whole time. Jess Harnell has some of the funniest stories I think I have ever heard when it comes to voice acting. Cherami had  people shocked when she did her child voice, they did not expect that voice to come out of her mouth and when it did they clapped as hard as everyone else. Me I just smiled and was like, Yep that’s Lucy from FT. I was not as knowledgeable about Courtnee or Tress. I mean just like Jess, I knew that Tress was part of the Warner siblings, but I knew virtually nothing about Courtnee. I did learn things about both of them and their journeys in voice acting, so now I can say “Hey I know that voice!”  This panel had me laughing and wanting to try a little harder to be a voice actor. That is why this panel was my favorite at MomoCon.

The one thing I did not like at all was the children that attended the con. I mean I know you are allowed to go to the convention without a legal guardian after a certain age. But I wish that there were more staff people or police, who were trying to enforce that in the state of Georgia your not suppose to be outside or out and about after a certain time. Because most of the time I was out after about midnight, you had teenagers, or drunk people running around and screaming. There was one girl who kept tripping over her own feet walking across the skybridge and her crowd of friends screaming and falling over each other as well. I wish there was a little more of control on the younger attendees, but this really can’t be blamed on the convention.

All in all this was a blah MomoCon for me. It happens every so often, you just get that one con that you attend every year that just does not hold up to your expectations. Sadly this was the year for me when it came to MomoCon. I am however looking forward to next year. New space is always a uplift for a not so awesome con experience, or at least it is for me.

Now I am concerned about the new area. We will be in the World Congress Center next year. I am weary of any place in Atlanta, but have been told this would be a safer site for the convention then the one we were at this year. At least there will be more space for photos, as this is not too much of a walk from the Centennial Olympic Park. So even with the small concern I have about the location, I can’t wait for MomoCon 2015. New location and a new track being added to MomoCon is just what I needed to get me excited for this convention. If you did not attend MomoCon this year then you will be excited to know they will be adding the comic track to the Convention.

I recommend MomoCon to those con goers who have attended at least one or two conventions. As this con has gotten larger and larger since I have started attending this convention in 2009. I hope everyone will read this review and see the upside to attending this convention. You can’t hold the attendees behavior to that of the convention, and with that being said I will leave you to your planning of MomoCon 2015.

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