Episode 128: Assper the Smelly Ghost!!!

Click the images below to read the latest chapter. Check out what the crew thought of them and give us your opinions as well!

Episode 128

Where or where is the Natsu? We also talk about the trip Erza, Jellal, Happy, and Carla took to see Natsu. Also Carla invented a new way to open a bag of Reese’s Pieces. We also have a special cooking with Elfman that was filmed live at Natsu’s house. Carla has a bed time and starts cracking that whip. The manga brings everyone together in laughter while Carla tells Wendy to calm her tits. See what other craziness we get into by watching the video below.


Charles Muir

Not suitable for Word Ninjas Podcast

Word Ninja Podcast


Guys we would love to hang out with you guys at conventions but we need help getting there. To see us at your local convention contact the con of your choice telling them that you would like to see us there. Now there are some things that need to happen, one if it is more then 5 hours away from where we are located (southern Tennessee -Northern Georgia) we need to be comped for travel and hotel. We look forward to seeing you guys!

Fairy Tail News

Fairy Tail Zero Spin-off









Fairy Tail on Toonami

Guys we did it! We reached our goal of 2,000 followers on Twitter. Click on the image below to go to our Twitter and join the Fairy Tail on Toonami campaign.


Guess Who With Carla



The winner this week is Daholyhearld!Don’t forget that you can click on the image to be taken to the Fairy Tail Wiki and see more information on Angelica.

 Cooking With Elfman

We had a special cooking with Elfman, this was done while we were having a debate at Natsu’s house with another Podcast. That video can be found below!

Watch the debate and let us know what you think, who won? Us or The Shrine Time Entertainment Podcast?

Reedus’ Gallery


The fanart for this week is titled Bottle Meme- Erza and strawberry cake by Bludy-chuThis fanart got a rating of (in bra sizes) 4 = C, 3= D, 2 = DD. Jellal liked the fact that the artist made the jar look real and he could not really tell if it was real or drawn, but he liked it either way. Happy liked the chibi-ness of the picture, while Carla was just hungry, and liked how cute it was. Lucy liked the idea, but thought it was plain. Mira liked the position of the bottle,Erza and the cake. Juvia thought it was cute that she was chibi and that she was crying because she wanted the cake and she could not get it. Erza did not like that it was 3D and 2D realism, and made it look awkward. Makarov first remembers that he was on mute, he was also curious as to the scale of this image. Lisanna was kinda put off by the fact that there was a stock image used.

If you want to see this image on DeviantArt, click on either the image or the image title. To see more from this artist you can click on their name. While you’re there don’t forget to leave a like, comment, share, or subscribe to let this artist know what you think about their image.

Manga Chapter 376: Wendy vs. Ezel


The fanart for this chapter is titled Fairy Tail 376 – Wendy Marvell by KhalilXPiratesTo read this chapter on Crunchyroll’s Simulpub click on the image. If you want to see this image on DeviantArt you can click on the title of the image, or you can click on the artist name to be taken to the profile. Don’t forget while you’re there to leave a like, comment, share, or subscribe to let this artist know what you think of their fanart for this chapter. Don’t forget to check out the Manga Reviews page to check out what Carla thought while reading this chapter.

If you don’t already have a premium Crunchyroll account, click on the image below to get a 2 day free trial of the service offered to a premium account holder.

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