Episode 118: Mr. Hankey the Bark Bark and Vin Opossum Wink at Carla!!!

Click the images below to read the latest chapter. Check out what the crew thought of them and give us your opinions as well!

Episode 118

This episode we find out that our fans really are the best! We also add a new member and find out that no one on the crew can actually read english. Check out the video below to see what other craziness we get into.




Petter and Company


The Word Ninja Podcast


Bob Jones


Abby Tidwell

Evil Toastie Cosplay (could not find link)

Thank you to everyone who donated!

Guess who with Carla


On this episode no one guessed who the Mage was, so it continued over to next week. Let’s see if you guys do your homework and can guess who it is then!

Cooking with Elfman

No Bake Oreo Ice Cream Cake



  • 1/2cup  hot fudge ice cream topping, warmed
  • 1 tub  (8 oz.) COOL WHIP Whipped Topping, thawed, divided
  • 1 pkg.  (3.9 oz.) JELL-O Chocolate Instant Pudding
  • 16 OREO Cookies, chopped (about 2 cups), divided
  • 12 vanilla ice cream sandwiches


WHISK fudge topping and 1 cup COOL WHIP in medium bowl until blended. Add dry pudding mix; stir 2 min. Stir in 1 cup cookies.

ARRANGE 4 ice cream sandwiches, side-by-side, on 24-inch-long piece of foil; cover with half the COOL WHIP mixture. Repeat layers. Top with remaining sandwiches. Frost with remaining COOL WHIP; press remaining cookies into top and sides of dessert. Wrap loosely with foil.

FREEZE 4 hours.

Remember you can click on the image to be taken to the website that Elfman found this recipe on, you can also find more info and pictures there. Don’t forget to like, comment, share, or subscribe to let the person who came up with the yummy!

Fanfishin’ with Happy

We continued with A Dragon Born. Happy had a little issue reading so when we get outtakes prepare for the lols! Remember you can type CTRL + F and type X to find out where we are. Also don’t forget to like, comment, share, or subscribe to let the author know what you think of their fan fiction.

Reedus’ Gallery


The fanart for this week is titled Cherryblossom Gruvia by Oinochoe. This fanart gets a rating of ( in bra sizes) 2 = D, 1 = DD, 1 = C, 2 = B. Our guest Charles liked the detailing in the background, Carla did not like how the name of the fanart was called Cherryblossom and you could not actually see the cherry blossoms in the background. Lucy agreed with Carla, while Jellal thought that the orientation of the lights did not actually line up with the lighting in the picture. Happy liked the scene while Juvia loved the art style and thought that it was one of her favorite art styles out there.

Remember you can click on the image or the image title to be taken to Deviantart to see more of this fanart. If wish to see more from the artist just click on the name of the artist. While you are there don’t forget to like, comment, subscribe, or share to let this artist know what you think of their fanart.

Manga Chapter 366: 1,000 Souls


The fanart for this chapter is titled Fairy tail 366 – Frozen Natsu by i-azu. To read along with the crew, click on the image to be taken to Crunchyroll’s Simulpup. To see the image on Deviantart click on the image title, or click on the artist name to see more from the artist. Remember to like, comment, subscribe, or share to let the artist know what you thought about their fanart for this chapter. Don’t forget to also check out the Manga Reviews page to catch Carla’s thoughts as she reads the chapter.

If you don’t already have a premium membership to Crunchyroll’s Simulpup, click the image bellow to get a free 2 day trial.

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