Episode 115: The Drunken Carla Ruins Christmas!!!

Click the images below to read the latest chapter. Check out what the crew thought of them and give us your opinions as well!

Episode 115

On this episode of the podcast Carla finds her limit with the alcohol while the rest of the crew chats about Ichiban Con with Greggo and the Yoohoo Dude. Watch the video below to see what other crazy antics this group gets into.

Guest for this week

Greggo’s Game Shows



Andy aka yoohoo_dude


Guess Who With Carla


Cosplay With Erza


This week Erza brought us a cosplayer from the U.K. named Speckles, she likes to  cosplay Erza’s Flame Impress Armor.To visit Speckles Deviantart click on the image above, and make sure to watch this episode to hear Erza explain what this cosplayer does to make her cosplays.

Reedus’ Gallery


This weeks fanart is titled Fairy Tail – Juvia Loxar by  MisterSev7n. This fanart got a rating of (in bra sizes) 2 = D, 1 =B, 1 = C, 1 =A, 1 = DD. The Yoohoo_Dude liked the look and thought that it was vary mature looking. Erza however thought Juvia’s face was very flat and odd looking. Lucy liked the realism but thought that the face did not match the scence. Carla however thought this a mismatched photo, expressing how the face did not match the body. Jellal liked the art style, and felt that this was kind of a Sin City type drawing.

Remember if you would like to see this drawing on DeviantArt click on the image or image title. To see more from this artist you can click on the artist name as well. While your there leave a like, comment, or share telling the artist what you think of their fanart.

Fanfishin’ With Happy

This week we have a fan fiction called A Dragon Born by  HoneyFlower15. The bio of the fan fiction is “It is A Dragon’s Eye part two! Ryu is finally born so we can see Natsu and Lucy during their times as new parents. Nalu”  To read along with the crew as they dub this fan fiction click on the title. Remember to leave a like, comment, or share telling the author what you think of their fan fiction.

Manga Chapter 362: Natsu vs. Jackal

Sadly I was unable to find fanart for this chapter, so to read chapter 362 click here to be taken to Crunchyroll’s Simulpup. Remember to go check out the Manga Reviews page to see what Carla had to say about this chapter.

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