Anime Blast Chattanooga 2013 Review

Anime Blast Chattanooga 2013 Review


Anime Blast Chattanooga was just that, a blast. It is a small con held at the Chattanooga Convention Center in downtown Chattanooga. This year the con turned 3 years old and had many cosplayers who have attended in past year make an appearance as well as some who were new and decided to see what Anime Blast Chattanooga was all about.

The staff at Anime Blast Chattanooga were plain awesome. They were helpful and knowledgeable about where things were in the convention space. There was one incident that happened at the con, but the staff was able to keep it under wraps and with minimum amount of exposure to those who were still awake at the time the incident happened.

Scheduling for the con had a massive amount of things to do with variety. There was very little repeats of panels with the same content, if there was a panel that had the same content or theme it was on a different day or hours later. They also had scheduled live entertainment and a pajama party for late hours of the day. Most of the panels were well done and thought out, there was one panel that had me scratching my head wondering if they had even thought about what they were going to do for the panel, or just said hey I think this would make a good panel. But other then that there was awesome panels and the scheduling was well done.

The convention center was as always big, Anime Blast Chattanooga still has plenty of growing room in the Chattanooga Convention Center. But there are not a lot of place to take photos as the convention center is one big hallway. There were some cool place to hold a little shoot but after so many people taking the pictures in the same place, the little nook of awesome became blah.

Overall I would recommend this con for those who are still new to conventions and would rather have a small crowd around them instead of navigating the hallways and hotels of the much larger cons. Hope to see you at Anime Blast Chattanooga 2014!

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