Episode 105: Kodansha Sink Your Ships at AWA with a Gruvia Iceberg!!!

Click the images below to read the latest chapter. Check out what the crew thought of them and give us your opinions as well!

Episode 105

We were joined by Ben Applegate from Kodansha on this episode. He is the editor for the Fairy Tail Manga. We also talked about AWA 2013 and how it was for those of us who attended.

Reedus’ Gallery


This weeks fanart is titled FT Underwater by Kristallin-F. Natsu thought that the graphics in this image and that it was well drawn. Juvia loved that the dress and the hair were floating around Juvia and that it was just enough to make it look sensual and not sexual. Lucy agreed with Juvia and thought that this was a very innocent looking picture. Carla thought that the lighting was surreal looking. But Gray’s wrist looked to small and made Gray’s hands look like alien hands. Jellal liked the lighting and the skin tones, he also thought that it was nice to see Gray with a nipple. The one thing he thought was a little over done was the lighting on the bottom half of Gray. This fanart got a rating in ( in bra sizes) 1 =DDD 3 =DD. To see this image on DeviantArt then click on either the image or the title of the image. If you wish to see more from this artist click on the name of the artist to be taken to their DeviantArt. Remember while you are there to leave a comment telling them what you liked or disliked about this image.

Manga Chapter Fairy Tail 353: The Dark Magic’s Purification 


This weeks fanart for this chapter is titled Fairy Tail 353 Soul Of Daemon by IITheYahikoDarkII. So in this chapter we find out that there is a Demon Slayer magic to go with the God Slayer Magic. The chapter was all around a good chapter but most of those who read the chapter were all about the end. No one really focused on the start or the middle of the chapter. If you wish to read what Carla thought then click on the review tab, Manga Reviews and scroll down to Manga Review Chapter 353: The Dark Magic’s Purification.To read the chapter click on the fanart image. If you wish to see it on DeviantArt click on the name of the image. Or if you wish to see more from this artist click on the artist name.

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