Aoi Uma Con 2013

Aoi Uma Con 2013 Review


Hey guys Carla here to give you a little con review of Aoi Uma Con. When I say little I mean Natsu, Elfman, and I only attended Friday. So on with the review! Aoi Uma Con was a small con held in Louisville Kentucky at the Ramada Hotel and Conference Center.

Now being that it was a Friday there was not a lot of people in attendance. From what I gathered this was meant to be a small con, but on Friday I saw maybe 50 to 60 people that were not a part of the staff at the convention. Everyone knows that conventions always have a smaller attendance number on Fridays so this was to be expected.

The staff at the con was amazing! They were nice and courteous to you no matter if you are a guest, panelist, or general admittance. This year I have heard several reviews on conventions that had staff that were horrible to the people at the conventions, so it was a relief to attend a con that had staff that were nice and did not think that you were a bother to them.

The panels I did attend were amazing. There was a wide variety of panels to keep you busy. Although not all of them were to my liking, I did hear people say that they liked what they saw on the panel list. Every con knows a good panel line up equals happy attendees.

The two things that I was bothered by was that the location did not offer great spots for photos to be taken of cosplays. I myself am a cosplayer so I understood the little bit of frustrations the photographers and cosplayers had when wanting to snap some photos that did not have a car in the background. The second thing was that the convention did not have the whole conference center to themselves. Now it was a small conference center to start with so this is a somewhat important point. The largest room in the conference center was rented to (from what I guessed) was a sporting goods company. Other then those to things I was very happy with this convention.

All in all this was a very light and relaxed convention. I do recommend this con to anyone who wishes to go to a convention but does not want to deal with the hassles that the bigger conventions present. I myself do hope that I will be able to attend the whole weekend next year.

To keep up to date click on the Aoi Uma Con banner located at the top of the page to be taken to their website. Remember to check back every so often to see what they will have in store for us in 2014.

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