Manga Review: Chapter 346 The Law of Retrogression

Hey guys Carla here to bring you this weeks review of the manga. Now just a reminder this is my opinion of the manga.There are some spoilers, so if you have not read this chapter or the chapters leading to it. Then I suggest you not read any further.

Chapter 346 The Law of Retrogression 


Fanart by JasmineBlack. Click on the name to see more from this artist.

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So this weeks chapter continued with Erza and Natsu being kids again. Erza finds out that she still has some magic ability, but her ex-quip is much slower. Which would not be a problem if it was not for Minerva showing up and challenging her. And face it, this woman just does not know when to go away. I was annoyed when she showed back up, but to keep a story going we need a villain: which at the start of this arc I thought was going to be the treasure hunter guild.

Anyway back to this chapter. While Minerva is challenging Erza, Natsu meets Minerva’s guild mate who is responsible for turning them into children. Now Natsu getting punched and tossed around was hilarious, not going to lie. But I mean really, who hits a kid? Natsu’s decision to pull a child’s prank on the guy was a good idea, cause face it…he was not going to win this fight. But we also learn that his magic only works on “humans” and he admits that he is not human…so what is he?

This could not be a chapter of Fairy Tail if there was not a little fan service, so you get a almost butt shot of Wendy. Wendy then tells Lucy that they are being followed by the treasure hunter guild. Who apparently thinks that putting on cat mask and pretending to be Carla and Happy is going to help them get Lucy’s keys. Nice try, props for the effort but no go there peeps, sorry.

At the end of the chapter we see Flare, now the fact of her showing up had me scratching my head. But as I read the words and noticed her guild mark I was suspicious. She stopped the bullet from hitting Lucy or Wendy, but what is she there for? What guild is she with? Also is she good or bad? We will just have to wait until next weeks chapter unfortunately.

Overall I give this chapter a thumbs up, it was funny, but kept the story line moving. It also left me wondering what will happen next. So on a scale from 1-10 I give it a 7. Stay tuned for next weeks manga review.

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One thought on “Manga Review: Chapter 346 The Law of Retrogression

  1. Flare’s sudden appearance both confused and surprised me. I’m still not sure how to feel about it. Although, I think its kinda cool that she’s a good guy now, and I’m a little disappointed that she didn’t join fairy tail, but whatever. Can’t wait to find out what guild she joined. But seriously, how and why is she there?!
    The bitch that won’t die known as Minerva continues to annoy everyone. But maybe this is her chance to become a legit villain with depth and stuff. But I doubt that.
    The guy with the mask that turns people into children could be a demon, cause I think demons are the only other non-human species that we have seen in fairy tail so far.
    It was fun seeing Kid-Natsu using the oldest trick to fool the demon masked guy.
    I’m not sure how to rate this….but I’ll just keep it simple and go with a thumbs up.

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