Episode 97: Lucy’s Bunnies and Erza’s Dick Check Punishment!!!

Click the images below to read the latest chapter. Check out what the crew thought of them and give us your opinions as well!

Episode 97

Guess who With Carla


Cooking with Elfman

Dothraki Blood Pie


Click the image to go to ingredients and cooking directions. Remember to leave a comment and tell them about how your cooking and tasting experience went.

Grey Worm


  • Combine equal parts Bulleit 95 Rye, Fernet Branca, Crème De Violette & Solerno Blood Orange Liqueur
  • Solemnly shake with ice
  • Strain into a coupe glass with battle hardened authority
  • Serve with a three olive garnish

Click the photo to go and leave a comment on how your Grey Worm drink tasted.

FanFishin’ with Happy



Click the link to read the Fan Fiction that the crew read out loud on the show. The first half was read on a previous episode, the second half was read on this episode.

Reedus’ Gallery


This weeks fanart is a collaberation of multiple artist. It is titled Collab – Fairy Tail on the beach and was found on the deviantArt page RxDd. Go to the deviantArt page and scroll down to see the other artist that participate. This fanart got rated as follows, (Rated in bra sizes)2 = DD 1 =D 1=C. Some of the crew thought that Natsu had no face, and that Levy’s eyes were a little weird. While others thought that there was to much light in the center and Lucy had no neck. The crew overall agreed that Wendy and Mavis had to much curve in the chest area. With all that being said they agreed that this was a well done image and enjoyed seeing it.

Fairy Tail Chapter 


This weeks fanart for chapter 345 is titled Child Natsu: Chapter 345 and the artist was JasmineBlack. The crew was entertained by this chapter and enjoyed reading it. Natsu wondered if Mashima was making Gray break his own rules by having his ice make move. The chapter was well done and was a good read. To read the chapter click the image. If you wish to see the image click the title, or if you wish to see the artist page click the name of the artist. This was also a collaboration so scroll down when you click on the title to see the other artist involved. The crew rated this (in bra sizes) 1=C 3=D for hilarious panels and Happy’s epic fail!

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