Fairy Tail Volume 5 dub review!

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First I would like to start off by saying that all the opinions in this review are mine alone and you are encouraged to disagree and comment below if you want to state you opinion as well.

I will devote my first portion of the review to the dub exclusively.

The second will focus on the story and animation, even though both have been out for a while.

I will be blatantly honest with both.

Let’s start with the new characters that popped up in this set.

Wendy & Carla


When I first heard Wendy’s voice I didn’t know what to think, it certainly had that sweet little girl tone too it that I was looking for, and before I knew it I had grown accustom to Brittney Karbowski’s role as Wendy. Carla on the other hand took a bit of time. I had to listen to the Japanese version a few times, and then switch back to the dub to compare how they both sounded. The qualities of both versions were essentially the same, but the Japanese Carla seemed to have a little more cuteness. Eventually I did get used to Jad Saxton as Carla, and she did do a good job coming across as a “bitchy Mary Poppins.” Which is, more or less, how she acts to everyone until the Edolas arc ends. She is still a nag towards practically everyone, but in less of a degree and by that time, Pantherlily has joined the group helping to balance out that issue. So I look forward to seeing how things go during the Tenrou Island before fully making up my mind about Jad as Carla.

The Trimens


To be honest, this was the easiest decision of all the characters. They were spot on; I felt the actors were cast perfectly. They nailed the quirky personality traits of each member of this playboy trio. The fact that Aaron Dismuke was the eldest of the trio was the most ironic part for me. That aside, I thought his role as Hibiki would be the most difficult for me to get used to having heard him as Alphonse Elric for so long. It seems however, puberty is working in his favor for this role. Hibiki seemed to have the correct amount of maturity I was hoping for. Suffice to say, I was pleasantly surprised. Chris Wehkamp playing the shy guy Ren felt right. And Daniel Litwin pulled off little Eve well with his little brother innocence.

To be honest though, they’re more like this.

Trimens Creep



Now this one was one I knew had to have good comedic timing, and I didn’t like how the voice sounded, but I was able to overlook that once he started interacting with Erza, and let’s face it. I’m not the director and the Fairy Tail voice cast isn’t my Christmas list. Thankfully, he nailed the comedic timing. This to me, is the most important aspect about Ichiya to begin with. Sorry Chris Guerrero, you didn’t do a bad job, I just find the Japanese version more to my liking.



At this point we had met everyone else in Lamia Scale already in season 1 so I will not be reviewing characters that showed up already. Kent Williams, that man could read me the phone book and I would swoon, but that’s probably my inner Yu Yu Hakusho fanboy speaking. I do love this man’s voice I think it would have fit better in Oracion Seis, but I don’t mind him as Jura either, plus Jura shows up more often later anyway, so I’m okay with this. And let’s be honest, I haven’t seen his fight yet since that happens in the next volume, so I will hold any further judgment until then.

Oracion Seis




The guy I had the most issue with. Chris Cason is a good actor, and I loved him as Chamo in Negima, but I just don’t like this Hoteye. I find myself almost cringing when he speaks. To be honest though I was so focused on Carla, Wendy, Jura, Ichiya, and the Trimens that I did not switch track to compare him to the Japanese voice. By the time I write the review for volume 6 I will have done that. To me, Hoteye sounds really annoying. I can’t remember if I felt the same way when I originally watched this arc on Crunchyroll back in the day.



I hated this character when I first watched it. This woman was a bitch, and I wanted to choke her out through my computer screen. Job well done Lindsay Seidel. Because, I wanted to do the same thing through my TV this time. In fact I don’t think I even stopped to think this isn’t Angel.  I think I just immediately accepted it without even knowing it. Hats off to you for fooling my brain like that, at that point I simply got wrapped into the story and genuinely enjoyed shaking my fist in rage at Angel.



This guy… I WANT TO SEE THE FIGHT BETWEEN NATSU AND COBRA DUBBED SO BAD RIGHT NOW!!! That having been said, god what a villain voice… seriously, Jarrod Greene wherever you were hiding this, thanks for bringing it out. I was hoping it to have a more animalistic tone to it at the beginning and I was a little disappointed that it didn’t, but that was just my projection of the character and not what they did with the Japanese version either.



I can’t honestly remember what I thought of brain I think at that point I was either paying more attention to everyone else in Oracion Seis, Wendy, or to Jellal. Sorry for my lack of attention.



Jeff Plunk did get more attention from me than Philip Weber did as Brain. That cocky arrogant snot that is Racer, came across well in the dub. After about 5 minutes I was no longer focusing on the voice and was getting into the story again.

Volume 5

I think it’s a good thing though, even though I’m used to the Japanese version and I was hell bent on analyzing every new character, by the second disc I had almost completely forgotten to review the dub and had been sucked into the story. This is exactly what a good dub is supposed to do!


To be fair, reviewing the story for this volume is kinda rough since it won’t finish until the next volume and there is so much more good stuff to come, but I’ll give it my best shot.

The introductions of the other guilds.

 Good, but I was focusing too much on what everyone sounded like and not what was going on in the story, so I give it a B+.

The introduction of Oracion Seis.

It was the about the same until they started fighting and I started to get pulled in. A-.

The dramatic race to get to Wendy with Erza’s life on the line.

A+. The parts where the different guilds fought a guild of Oracion Seis’ lackeys was good, but I loved the Naked Mummy stuff. I laughed just as much as I did for the Japanese version.

Jellal Reappears

A+. By the time Jellal and Erza had been reunited I was totally pulled back into the story.

Racer Vs. Gray and Lyon

C+. For some reason I consider this to be one of Gray’s most boring fights, which is sad considering how awesome Gray can be the rest of the time.

Angel Vs. Lucy

A+. The best action of volume 5 by far, the comedy, the drama, and the action are the best of all the fights going on. And the dub shines for all of this fight.

Nirvana on the move

B+. To be honest, my rating for this part is that I have to wait for volume 6 because hardly anything awesome happens during this part.

Over all, I give the dub an A-.

The Story is an A.

And the Animation an A.

If you are a fan of Fairy Tail you must add this to your collection!!!

And if you aren’t a fan of Fairy Tail… WHY THE HELL ARE YOU READING THIS REVIEW?!

Go watch the series from the beginning and stop checking out reviews for a season that starts on episode 49 of the series! 😛

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One thought on “Fairy Tail Volume 5 dub review!

  1. The sad thing is, people will more likely find the Animax dub instead of this gem when looking for it on anime-viewing sites. I mean, by voice acting standards, that dub is… jeez…

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