Episode 91:Let’s go FanFishin’ for Dat Booty with Happy!!!

Click the images below to read the latest chapter. Check out what Natsu thought of them and give us your opinions as well!

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Episode 91

Guess Who With Carla


Fan Fishin With Happy

For this episodes fan fiction click the link below to read it and decide for yourself if this is the worst fan fiction




This fanart was colored by Yachuri and drawn by Lanessa29 and is appropriately titled Fairy Tail. Everyone on the crew thought that the shading was well done and that the details were excellent. Carla liked it but thought that Lucy and Wendy looked Disney drawn. Visit these artist on their pages and leave some comments telling them what you think.

Chapter 335: The Time of Life


This chapter fan art was done by EspadaZero. The manga chapter had mixed reviews with the crew and the fans. It was nice to see that some of the people guessed that Ultear would turn back time, but the fact that it was only for one minute made some people wonder about the reasons behind the spell only working for one minute. Some also thought that it was to simple of a wrap up, and that Ultear did not matter much and that was why her spell only worked for one minute.

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