A.N.I.M.E. Radio Remix Lounge: KC Radio 1

Richie Roberts (Gothic Gaara and Natsu from the KC/FT podcasts) Hosts an anime and video game remix show because… why not?!

We do not own or take credit for any of the music in this show. It is used only to promote the works of great remix artists out there and for promotional use only. Help spread the word about these amazing artist with your friends!

Orochimaru’s Mansion by Xaleph

Castitatis by Dhsu

Fairy Tail [Remix] by Kaleptik

Legend of Zelda – Kokiri Forest by Blake Robinson

Dire Dire Docks (Keebs Chillstep VIP Remix) by Keebs

Ghostbustin’ @ 140 bpm by Skela

Game Of Thrones Chillstep by Rameses B

Zelda 3 LostWoodsSouthCentral OC ReMix by BenCousins

White Reflection by Richie Branson

Departed by Xaleph

Ryoko’s Theme remix (Tomboy Brawl) by Big Giant Circles

Katekyo Hitman Reborn Theme – Tsuna Awakens (Remix) by FairyTailPorjectTV

Final Fantasy 10 Guardian’s Sending OC ReMix by Sal

Final Fantasy VIII Shine Tonight OC ReMix by Poolside

Final Fantasy VII ‘Duel of the Blades’ OC ReMix by Kevin Penkin

Dubstep- Gundam Wing OST – Gundam! Gundam! (Devin Martin Remix Tribute) by HDdubRAVE3

Check out this episode

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