Episode 86: We’re Rocking Out In A Half Assed Manga With Tyler Walker!!!

Click the images below to read the latest chapter. Check out what Natsu thought of them and give us your opinions as well!

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Episode 86

Rockin With Tyler


Tyler Walker who is the ADR Director for Fairy Tail stopped by to show off his new Fairy Tail Tattoo, answer some fan questions and give a little info on Season 2 of Fairy Tail.


Tyler Walker’s friend Brian Peyton has an inoperable brain tumor and is in need of your help. As he is currently going under radiation and chemotherapy with no insurance there are a lot of bills both medical and daily. By donating you can help Brian in his fight! Click the photo above for the donations site and more info.

Guess Who With Carla




Fairy Tail Cross the Fairy

This is a redone line art gender swap of the 3 main characters of Fairy Tail. The crew had a good time guessing what the other gender names would be and the crew gave it a all around thumbs up. The crew was a little lost on the fact that the male Lucy’s hands were…well, one was Hulk sized.

Manga Chapter 330: Zilconis’ Magic


So this chapter had the crew wondering what was going to happen next. There was a debate on what it meant for some characters to be back in the series and why the number seven has so much meaning in the manga. Many people laughed because Lucy’s misfortune, Wendy gets serious and then moments where we were wondering what was going on. This fanart was done by maribaka and can be found at: http://browse.deviantart.com/art/Fairy-Tail-chapter-330-371406848

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