Episode 75: The Yuri Train to Lucy’s Preggo Boobs!!! Is out!!!

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Episode 75

Carla’s Magical Education

This week's character.

This week’s character.

Reedus’ Gallery

Episode 170

Watch Episode on Crunchyroll

Watch Episode on Crunchyroll

The conclusion of the fight between Wendy and Shelia took too long, a 5 minute recap and intro was too much, I understand during long arcs like this one there is a need to keep people aware of what’s been happening, but the recap was way too long.  The rest of the episode more or less followed along with the manga. The reveal of Jellal to the others, more mystery about the Eclipse plan, and the reveal of the mysterious hooded character were all the same. All in all, a good episode with too much recapping.

Chapter 320

Read Chapter 320

Read Chapter 320

Even though there was a lot of action this week which was good, the chapter felt a bit week. The only real progression in the story happened towards the end with the fight between Laxus, Orga, and Jura.

The explanation of the other 10 wizard Saints makes me think we will be seeing them later.

But for the most part it felt like we were just getting for of the same without the story really moving forward.

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