Chapter 308 & Episode 157 Discussion

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Click the image below to read the latest chapter. Once you have, please post your thoughts about it so we can share them on the show Monday. Will be adding the anime later tonight when it is released, so make sure to come back for that too!

Chapter 308

Episode 157

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5 thoughts on “Chapter 308 & Episode 157 Discussion

  1. No. 1 Irish Fan here,This chapter was ok, it was mostly set-up although I did like the introduction of the new magics. I’m looking forward to seeing Lucy and Yukino fight, Unless someone else shows up(maybe Yukino’s sister or hooded woman or the princess since she wants to keep Arcadios safe) I think Lucy might learn how to summon her spirits without the keys, it seems like the natural progression of her powers. Also I can’t wait to see Mira kick ass, And where the hell is the King, I’m still holding out on my theory that he’s pumpkin man….And um Erza on the cover page *drools*

  2. Also everyones treating Arcadios as a good guy, I can’t wait to see how everyone reacts when they hear a celestial mage needs to be sacrificed for the eclipse plan

  3. One of my reactions was: Why is one of the opponents a wannabe Papermaster? (From the Read or Die series)

    Looking forward to see how the various battles play out.

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