Late episodes, Tyler Walker Interview, Livecasts, and Shop!!

Podcast Updates

The next few episodes will be late due to the passing of Natsu’s grand father. He already had the funeral this weekend so he was unable to record the rest of the audio for episode 43. But he will be back to record the rest of the pick ups for Monday. Also Charle/Carla’s Grandmother passed away on the same day. If you would like to send your condolences to either of them you can post on the Fairy Tail podcast Facebook or tweet @fairytailcast on twitter.

Live Streaming Info

Channel name “gothic0gaara”

In the mean time, the podcast has switched to Live Streaming via YouTube.

Fairy Tail Podcast: Mondays at 8pm Central Standard Time U.S. (CST)
Konoha Corner: Fridays at 8pm Central Standard Time U.S. (CST)

Check out the interview with Tyler Walker, the director of Fairy Tail as we discuss season 2 of the dub.

We have merchandise Konoha Corner and the Fairy Tail podcast available!

You can visit the Podcast Shop to purchase or look for new merchandise. All profits will go to the podcast feed, upkeep of the website, and helping the crew get to conventions so we can meet and speak with you.

Preview for the ladies:

Konoha Corner: Facebook Twitter
More from the Fairy Tail Podcast: Facebook Twitter




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